China Honest Good Quality Blockboard

Reference FOB Price: 160.00 USD / m3

Good-quality blockboard has a smooth surface, no warping, no deformation, no blistering, no depression;

The blockboard is made of splicing wooden boards through cold and hot presses and glued in the middle of two veneers, and the middle board is made of high-quality natural wood boards that have been heat-treated. This strict manufacturing process makes the joinery board have good screw holding power, is not easy to burst during processing, has high strength and is not easy to break, has excellent characteristics such as hard texture, sound absorption and sound insulation, and effective heat insulation, and the moisture content is not high, at 10%. Between -13%, the processing is simple and convenient, and it is widely used in home decoration and engineering construction.

There are also many types of blockboards, mainly poplar, birch, pine, paulownia and other blockboards. The wood species are different, and the texture of the plank is also different. The joinery boards of poplar and birch are top-grade boards with dense texture, moderate wood strength and hardness, and good nail holding power. In contrast, paulownia is very light and soft, highly water-absorbent and difficult to dry, and has poor nail-holding power. The boards it makes are prone to cracking and deformation during use, making it inconvenient to use in decoration. The other is fine wood boards processed from pine wood. Because pine wood is hard and not easy to press, it makes the splicing structure poor, the nail holding power is poor, and it is easy to deform during use. Generally, it is not recommended to use it in a high-strength environment.

Joinery board itself is also a huge family, according to different classification standards, there can be many divisions. For example, the core structure, splicing condition of the core, the surface processing of the blockboard, the number of layers in the use environment, the number of layers, and the use can be divided into many categories for the large family of blockboards.

block boards have a very wide range of uses, and are widely used in making furniture, partitions, heating covers, curtain boxes, false walls, doors, windows and covers.

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