Film Faced Plywood Film Color

The most common film is brown film or black film. In China, the brown film faced plywood usually has better quality than black film faced plywood. However, it’s not true all the time. Some black film faced plywood has the same high quality as brown film faced plywood. When you making an inquiry, an experienced salesman will know what the real quality you need.


What is the film faced plywood film quality?

Film faced plywood Quality of Film:

In China, there are 2 classifications of film: Local film and imported film. Local film means films made by Chinese companies. Imported film means film made by foreign companies, like Dynea . Dynea film is the best film brand in China. So, if you require the best film for your plywood, we will use Dynea film.

Film faced plywood core species

Film faced plywood Core: poplar, hardwood, Eucalyptus, birch

70% of film faced plywood we are selling is poplar film faced plywood, which is high quality and price is competitive. If you need hardwood film faced plywood, we will use hardwood or eucalyptus veneers. If you want film faced plywood for building bridges or high buildings, you can choose hardwood film faced plywood, as its name says, it’s very hard. We also supply birch film faced plywood, which are hard and durable, too.

Film faced plywood Glue

Film faced plywood

Glue: MR glue, WBP (melamine), WBP (phenolic)

We use these 3 types of glue.  As for the knowledge of the glue, you can refer to the following articles:

What’s MR glue-which is commonly used for plywood / film faced plywood / blockboard

What is WBP glue – which is commonly used for WBP plywood / film faced plywood

Film faced plywood size

Film faced plywood Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm, or 4′ x 8′, standard size, large size, big size, special size

We produce sizes according to customers’ requirement. The widest size can be 2000mm, max length is 6000mm.

Finger Jointed Core film faced plywood

ECOPLEX Film Faced Plywood


Raw Materials: 2+2 or 1+1-layers poplar/pine veneer

Core: Finger joint core or Joint core (recycled core)

Glue: MR Melamine, Phenolic WBP

Film: Brown, Black, Red, etc.

Usage times2-4 times.




Recycled film faced plywood uses recycled plywood as the middle core and cover new 2 layers veneers in the top and bottom of recycled middle core, and then be pressed into a new sheet of plywood.




  • Recycled film faced plywood is the cheapest product type in global formwork panels.

It can be used 2-4 times under the normal condition.

(note: our customer in South America told us they use Echoplex+  2 sides for 10 times and when the film is broken they repair and continue using it )

  • It saves wood/forest resources by turning used plywood into new plywood.

Use carefully selected 2nd hand plywood to guarantee middle core quality

Pre-treated to clean inner concrete rubbish as best as possible with 90% chance that will not break saw

When did you run your factory and company?

The factory started in 1998, the company is 2003

What certificate do you have?

We have ISO 9001, FSC certificate, CE and CARB.

How much capacity can you produce per month?

We produce 200 containers per month for film plywood, 200 containers per month for commercial plywood, and 30 containers per month for fancy plywood. 40 containers for MDF and melamine etc.

What are your strengths?

We have good experience in wood market, we have been doing it for 10-15 years. The same cost, we do better because we have strict production process control. We have an independent inspection department to check the quality.

Can you provide us with free samples?

We can provide you with free samples, but we do not offer free shipping. You can contact us to reimburse you for the courier fee after our successful cooperation