Raw Materials

High quality raw material:Australian /New Zealand Radiata Pine

  • The pine itself contains a light pine fragrance. The peeled pine does not contain impurities such as bark that are easy to spoil. The finished OSB board has no pungent smell;
  • The pine wood structure is uniform, the density, thickness, and strength in the board are uniform, without voids, warpage, and deformation;
  • Pine Wood has good nail holding power and strong permeability.

MDI Adhesive


1.Use formaldehyde-free added adhesive, good for health and environment

Formaldehyde content in natural environment:0.02-0.05mg/m3

HONEST OSB3 is No formaldehyde added OSB

2.Low water swelling rate

MDI glue itself is not easy to dissolve in water. The core material of radiata pine is flexible and has a low expansion rate. During the production process of hot pressing, MDI glue reacts with water molecules in the wood to effectively prevent water from entering the core material and can be applied to moisture. surroundings;