Linyi Honest Inside UV wall panel

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What is UV wall panel ?
UV wall panels (UV stone plastic panels) Nano-microcrystalline stone panels. The main ingredients are extruded mixed particles of calcium powder and PVC. The texture is clear and natural, and the surface effect simulation degree can reach 99.5% of stone. This product has the texture of high-end marble and the toughness of various precious woods. It is the first choice material for modern construction engineering decoration and tooling

1.Easy installation 
The gusset installation method does not require the cumbersome installation of aluminum plates and can be installed directly on
the rough wall, saving labor and time.
2. Fireproof  when exposed to fire
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
3. Smooth cut surface
The cuts are neat and burr-free, the splicing is smooth and firm, the density is high and the use time is long, ready to be installed and lived in
4. Green and safe
Using an automatic production line, the board surface is smooth after being pressed by high-temperature and high-pressure multi-channel production processes.
5.Use with confidence
It has the functions of preventing insect bites, inhibiting mildew and removing bacteria. The green color is harmless to the human body and good for the environment.

Product Name
UV wall panels/UV stone plastic wall panels/PVC stone plastic wall panels
PVC,CaCO3 ,and additive
Heat transfer print,PVC film,uv curing
1220X2440mm; thickness:1.2-3mm
1. Marble stone, wooden grain, solid color , pearl design colors and 3D
2. Custom-designed color is accepted
Environmental protection,fire-retardant(B1 class),waterproof,wear resistant(3H), non-formaldehyde, high glossy,ideal material for
furniture surface decorative
1.Interior decoration for commercial and residential places.
2.Furniture board,Cabinet board.

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