Moisture -green core approved MDF/Moisture-proof MDF

Reference FOB Price: 160.00 USD / m3

PEGAMENTO:P2、Glue de melamina、EO、E1、E2
密度:610-820 KG/m3
ESPESOR:2,5 mm、2,7 mm、3 mm、4 mm、5,5 mm .9 mm、12 mm、15 mm、18 mm
应用:Se utiliza para fabricar mueblesgabinetes、cajas de embalaje、pisos laminados odecoracion等

MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard, perfect for non-structural applications
when high detailed machining and top quality finish is required.
Papered, veneered or thermally-fused applications are good examples of ideal uses for this easy workable material.

The MDF board with excellent quality is uniform, environmentally friendly, widely used, and has a smooth surface, which is easy to be painted and processed. And the physical properties are excellent, the material is uniform, and there is no problem of dehydration.

Routed cabinet doors.
Moulding and cabinetry in RV’s and boats.
Shop fitting, exhibition displays and counters.
Automotive Industry.
Architectural and construction solutions (dividers, changing rooms,
cubicles and schools & college furniture).
General purpose construction.

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