Slotted Plywood W 9 mm 122 x 244 cm

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Slotted /Groove Pine Plywood











Slotted plywood W 9 mm 122 x 244 cm

Slotted Plywood W is a different alternative when it comes to building your house, since its style combines various qualities that help the work to be done effectively. Its interior use is ideal as a decorative coating in homes either on beams, pillars, partition walls, concrete, among others. In addition, its radiata pine material combines quality and design so that it lasts over time and, at the same time, is attractive to the eye.

Characteristics Slotted plywood W

One of its important points to keep in mind is that it supports different types of terminations. Whether you leave the wood natural, use paint or varnish, the piece is built for you to choose how to use it according to the type of house and your personal tastes. Also, the groove has a considerable width which offers a correct response to shocks and prevents it from being easily damaged.

Another benefit of slotted plywood is linked to its assembly. Being manufactured with phenolic adhesive, wood and machimbres, it allows a quick and perfect installation between its plates. In this way, you will obtain a complete product, whose combination of components will help you decorate your home efficiently and with quality elements.







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