Fireproof OSB3

Reference FOB Price: 320.00 USD / m3


OSB3, waterproof and fireproof OSB


Australia Pine log


MDI glue, no formaldehyde




8mm,9mm,11mm,12mm,15mm,18mm, according to client’s requirement


Public interior building decoration



Fireproof OSB, it is a OSB made by adding flame retardant to the board production line through a complex process in the production process.

The fireproof OSB is made by several processes such as flame-retardant treatment, drying, gluing, and hot pressing, which effectively inhibits the burning of fireworks, slows down the spread of fire, and inhibits the concentration and toxicity of smoke when the material burns, creating conditions for evacuation of the fire to extend the escape time.




Fireproof OSB can play an important role in emergency situations:

  1. Because of its non-flammable characteristics, it can slow down the spread of fire and provide vital time for personnel escape and fire rescue;
  2. Because Its manufacturing process and internal structure can play a certain role in suppressing tobacco poison and reduce direct harm to the human body.


Fireproof OSB testing report

The fireproof OSB retardant performance, smoke suppression performance and smoke toxicity meet the requirements of the China national standard GB 8624-2012 “Combustion performance classification of building materials and products” B1 flame retardant material, and meet the national standard GB20286-2006 “Fire retardant products in public places” And component combustion performance requirements and labeling requirements.

Change the traditional coating/immersion slab process, adopt the small piece spray method, 120 three-dimensional nozzles spray at high speed, the flame retardant penetrates every detail, perfectly reaches the B1 level, and truly achieves the B1 flame retardant


Public interior building decoration

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