OSB3 Structural

Reference FOB Price: 270.00 USD / m3


OSB3, waterproof and loading OSB


Australia Pine log


MDI glue, no formaldehyde




8mm,9mm,11mm,12mm,15mm,18mm, according to client’s requirement


Structural wall house, floor slabs, roofs, floor substrates and so on


  1. Raw Materials:New Zealand Radiata pine, Rosin has no peculiar smell;
  2. Production line: German Automatically Dieffenbach OSB Production Line
  3. Glue: MDI glue, Formaldehyde-free, Waterproof
  4. Stable Structural: Three-layer directional paving, criss-crossing, impact resistance and not easy to deform


Use New Zealand Radiata pine wood as the raw material, peeled and processed into high-quality large shavings, combined with the use of aldehyde-free added MDI glue, and made by processes such as dry sizing, directional paving, and hot pressing.

High quality raw material-New Zealand pine

(1) The pine itself contains a light pine fragrance. The peeled pine does not contain impurities such as bark that are easy to spoil. The finished OSB board has no pungent smell;
(2) The pine wood structure is uniform, the density, thickness, and strength in the board are uniform, without voids, warpage, and deformation;
(3) Pine Wood has good nail holding power and strong permeability.

MDI glue, waterproof OSB3,No formaldehyde

(1) Adopting a new generation of technology materials without formaldehyde and adding MDI glue, the glue does not contain formaldehyde

(2) MDI glue is insoluble in water, and when it meets moisture layer, it effectively prevents moisture from entering the core material;

(3) After reacting with wood molecules, new chemical bonds are formed to effectively bond the board body. The board produced has excellent nail holding power and resistance to deformation.

Green environmental protection-stringent certification

Adhering to the original intention of “brand, environmental protection and quality”, our osb has passed many
stringent certifications such as CARB in the United States, F☆☆☆☆ in Japan, EPA, the U.S. Environmental Protection


Manufacturing Technique

 Advanced OSB equipments

  • Canadian Kadant long-product flaker,
  • American TSI drying, exhaust gas treatment system,
  • Canadian coil glue mixing machine, etc.,
  • The comprehensive energy consumption of the production line is reduced by more than 30%, the exhaust gas dust content after purification is less than 10 mg/m³, and the amount of glue used is reduced More than 20%, the product achieves no formaldehyde, zero release, and meets European and American export standards;






Structural wall house, floor slabs, roofs, floor substrates,etc.


In wood pallets, Inner plastic bags, outer paper box, wrapped with steel tapes by 4×8 lines for reinforce

Thickness Pcs/Pallet Pallets/40 HQ Pcs/40HQ Remarks
6mm 150 16 2400 For reference, the packing quantity can be changed according to clients’ requirement
8mm 100 18 1800
9mm 100 16 1600
11mm 82 16 1312
15mm 60 16 960
18mm 50 16 800


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