Film Faced Plywood ECOPLEX Brand Finger Joint Core

Reference FOB Price: 200.00 USD / m3


Recycled core (Finger joint /Strip) Film faced plywood


Finger-joint core, strip core


15-21mm or upon request



Film Faced Plywood ECOPLEX Brand Finger Joint Core

This kind film faced plywood uses recycled plywood as the middle core and cover new 2 layers veneers in the top and bottom of recycled middle core,and then be pressed into a new sheet of plywood. It was created by Chinese plywood producers to meet global buyers’ demand.


SO why people tend to choose the Recycled film faced plywood?


Recycled film faced plywood is the cheapest product type in global formwork panels

It can be used 2-4 times under the normal condition

(note: our customer in South America told us they use Ecoplex+  2 sides for 10 times and when the film is broken they repair and continue using it )

It saves wood/forest resources by turning used plywood into new plywood use carefully selected 2nd hand plywood to guarantee middle core quality pre-treated to clean inner concrete rubbish as best as possible with 90% chance that will not break saw.


Two types recycled core

Finger Jointed Core                                                                                                 











Jointed core

Technically, Jointed core has better performance than finger joint core in regards to core strength and inner rubbish cleaning level, but finger joint core is much more famous. and in some areas, people use finger joint plywood as the sole name referring to recycled plywood.





Film faced plywood ECOPLEX BRAND Recycled core (Finger joint /Strip)

Brand Name





9mm,12mm,15mm,16mm,17mm,18mm Customization 9mm-25mm.

Thickness Tolerance

15-18mm or upon request (-1mm, +0.5mm)


Finger-joint core, strip core

Film options:

Domestic Black/Brown film/Red film


Sealed with water proof paint, color can be upon request


MR Melamine, Phenolic WBP

Hot press times

ECOPLEX –1 time for whole panel
ECOPLEX+—2 time for core and 1 time for film


8%-12% at the time of shipment


Real estate construction /formwork panel


ECOPLEX film faced plywood is our company’s fastest moving series  film faced plywood due to its cheap price and high performance.

If you are looking for 3 using times panel and don’t want to

pay more, our ECOPLEX+ series is your best choice.
ECOPLEX + uses more strictly selected recycled core with less

concrete waste than ECOPLEX and has much smoother film surface.

Even for cheapest product we have a quality option for you.

Applications of Film Faced Plywood


(1) Construction industry: shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form, formwork plywood


Film faced plywood is mainly used for construction. So, film faced plywood is also called shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form. Because of this end use, customers usually want WBP film faced plywood, which is more suitable to be used as shuttering for big projects. However, some customers require MR film faced plywood, which are to be used as shuttering for ordinary projects.


(2) Anti-slip film faced plywood: flooring materials for building vehicles, work platforms.

According to the types of face/back, film faced plywood can be divided into smooth film faced plywood and anti-slip film faced plywood. Anti-slip film faced plywood are usually used as flooring materials for vehicles, trucks and platforms.


(3) Film faced plywood can be used for shelves and furniture, too.

Compared with wood veneer faced plywood, film faced plywood is more durable and has more wear-resistant surfaces. So, it can be used for making durable furniture and shelves.


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