Slotted Plywood T1 12 mm 122 x 244 cm

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Slotted /Groove Pine Plywood











Slotted plywood T1 12 mm 122 x 244 cm

Slotted Plywood is a construction material used both indoors and outdoors. It is used in all types of work, such as decorative coating in homes on beams, partitions, pillars, concrete, masonry, interior divisions, extensions, access gates, ceilings and unevenness. Made of pine and phenolic resin, this product will provide an excellent finish to your walls.

Another important characteristic of slotted plywood is that it acts as thermal and acoustic insulation, which gives it greater functionality. Meanwhile, its light materials and compact dimensions allow a quick and perfect installation between plates. In addition, its tongue-and-groove system considers the type of panel slot, which enables a smooth finish and invisible shims, thus providing an attractive visual impact on the surfaces, which in turn can be refinished with paint or varnish.

The benefits of the 12mm thick grooved plywood are due to the fact that its manufacture uses the best technology on the market, which guarantees a reliable and durable product with multiple possible uses. This product stands out for its ease of being worked, cut, drilled, joined, fixed, dyed, varnished and painted, simplifying your tasks and giving you incredible versatility. In this way, it is a fundamental material if you want to improve performance in your professional construction work.





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